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When it comes to nurturing a child's faith, parents are the most influential force in raising young people who know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. At FPC we want to equip parents with a strategy to do just that. This means we are working hard to bring new ideas that motivate and inspire. This page is a collection of some of the resources that we're developing. Check back often!


In home and family life, rituals, rites of passage, and celebrations are proven to be formative and unforgettable for kids. Below you will find all the materials you need as parents to create a meaningful shared spiritual experience with your own children at home. These will be moments you and your kids will never forget. We call them our Rites of Passage Experiences. Start by watching the Why How & What video for your child's age or grade level and then pray about how God might be leading you as you lead your kids on the journey of a lifetime! Got questions? Ask Bobby

Nothing compares to having relationships with other parents. Folks like you who are committed to raising kids in the faith but are also honest about the joys and challenges that come with the overwhelming task. Click the banner above or right here to sign up for our (mostly) monthly emails that offer encouragment, tips, and ideas.


Looking for a great Children's Bible? Need some ideas on family devotionals? Having some challenges connecting with your teenager? Visit the Family Minsitry Resource Table outside Bobby's office for some of the best resources available. Information about the books and suggested donation amounts are easy to find.

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