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Rev. Dr. John Hinkle, Jr.

Senior Pastor





John has a passion in ministry to reach those wanting more than the world has to offer. He believes the local church is where one can raise questions and discover answers to life's problems and, through such a process, become awakened to the love of Jesus Christ. John is married to Leila Hinkle and they have a son, Tripp. 

Rev. Bobby Harding

Associate Pastor for 
Family Ministries





Bobby spends most of his time around the families at FPC. He is passionate about equipping parents to disciple their own kids, creating spaces in our church family for intergenerational relationships to flourish, and helping kids come to know and experience a Gospel of Grace. Bobby and his wife, Lexie, have four children: Scout, Magnolia, Jovie, and Oscar.  

Rev. Joyce Merritt
Parish Associate




Joyce has a strong belief that all God’s children are created for “life, and that to the full!” (John 10:10)  She gets excited when folks share their time and talents with one another, living out the full life of Christ by sharing daily acts of Christian love.  Joyce directs Still Waters Family Ministries.  She and Timothy have five children. 

Jocelyn Fisher

Music Director

Jocelyn is the Director of music, overseeing our six musical ensembles, as well as conducting the two adult choirs. Jocelyn has a strong musical background, having performed in opera and concert in Fort Worth, Columbus, Santa Fe, and Dallas, among others. She currently teaches Private Voice and Diction at Belmont University.

Meredith Peck

Director of Children's Ministries





Meredith works with the children of First Presbyterian Church in grades Pre-K through 6th. She believes children are the future of the church and is dedicated to making FPC a loving, welcoming, safe environment for children and their families. This church has been her home since she was an infant and it brings her great joy to now watch her own children grow up in this family. Meredith and her husband Andy have two daughters, Campbell & Waverly and one son. 


Karen Winford

Preschool Director



Karen lives in Christiana with her husband, Andy and their two children, Joah and Marlee.  She has worked in a preschool setting for the last nine years and loves helping children grow and learn. 


Rev. Micah Watson

Pastor UKirk at MTSU

Micah is the director of our partner ministry on the campus of MTSU, UKirk. He loves connecting to college students and walking alongside them as they navigate the tumultuous waters of  young adult life. You can find him most weekdays in his office at UKirk or hanging out with students on the back porch. Micah is married to Autumn Watson and they are the proud parents of a dog and two cats.

Valerie Rains





Valerie serves as organist/accompanist for the church.  She took her first organ job during high school in Michigan and has been playing for churches ever since.  She loves using her gifts to help lift hearts to worship the Lord through music.  Valerie also teaches general music at John Pittard Elementary School.


Celeste Brown

Director of Nursery

Celeste is a recent graduate from MTSU with her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. She works at a local learning center. She really enjoys working with children of all ages 

Pat Cox

Financial Secretary






Pat handles the finances of the church and preschool, and holds a degree in Business Administration from MTSU. She believes that God owns everything we have and we are to be good stewards of his funds. Pat is married to her high school sweetheart, Billy. She has two children and two wonderful grandchildren. 

Charlotte Lynn


Administrative Assistant

Charlotte lives in Murfreesboro with her husband, Byron and their two children Jackson & Emme. She has a master of divinity degree in psychology and counseling and loves working with the staff at FPC and interacting with members.

Alanna Diserens


Communications Coordinator





Alanna is a graduate from MTSU with her Bachelor's in Psychology. She will be getting her Masters in School Psychology soon. When not working, she is spending time with her family and friends. Alanna is currently creating her own small garden as a passion project to help the bees and other wildlife. 


Jessica Garner







Jessica is our Chef for Wonderful Wednesdays and Events.  We appreciate all of her hard work and amazing food that she provides.

Joe Rich

PT Facilities Coordinator






Joe serves FPC by helping to maintain the church building and property. If you asked Joe his favorite thing about working at FPC, he would tell you it would have to be the uplifting environment here. He is an active volunteer in the community and his local church.

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