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Sharing Life Together


"Intergenerational" has become a buzz-word in churches. For us, intergenerational, like missions, is not a ministry office with a door and a phone extension, but rather a part of our identity as the body of Christ. Sure we offer programs and events that are age-specific. But we believe that relationships being nurtured across generations, is what the Kingdom of God looks like. Here are some of the places those things happen...

Wonderful Wednesdays
During our school year this is the weekly gathering of all God's people for food and fellowship. From 5-6pm we sit at table and eat with one another (always tasty) and from 6-7pm there are a variety of classes, choirs, and student small groups going on. Check the calendar for upcoming dates or to make your reservation.

Faith Milestones
We believe it takes a whole community of adults, pouring into the lives of the young, to help develop a faith that sticks. These rituals, or rites of passage are unforgettable moments where relationships are deepened. Whether on a hike, delivering meals to the hungry, or washing someone else's feet, these are opportunities for the Spirit of God to move. Each milestone is divided by grades (1st-12th), contact Bobby for more information.

Serving Together
You might notice that we don't have a "student mission trip", or an "adult mission trip." This is because we feel that participating in God's activity in the world, doing mission, is the ideal scenario for relationships to be fostered across generations. All of our service opportunities and trips are intergerational and we work hard to be intentional about those opportunities.

Community Life Events
Keep an eye on the calendar for any number of upcoming events that bring the generations together. From the Fall Festival to the Church Picnic - or from fundraisers to the Chili Cookoff - there are always community life events on the horizon. Join us!

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