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Welcome to First Presbyterian!

In the spring of 2012, the Session of First Presbyterian Church adopted as the missional purpose of the church, "To Know Christ and To Make Christ Known." Since that date, we have been asking ourselves as a church what it means to follow Jesus into the world. Here on the corner of College and Spring, we have faithfully gathered from generation to generation living out such a faith. My name is John Hinkle, Jr., and I am privileged to serve as the Senior Pastor of this wonderful church family. Regardless of where you are in terms of your relationship with Jesus; He will meet you where you are, but He will not leave you as you are. Jesus is in the life-transforming business, and He is ready to make you into a new creation that will shine brightly in this world. Your friends at First Presbyterian Church of Murfreesboro look forward to this journey together with you.

Our Pastors

Rev. Dr. John Hinkle, Jr.

Senior Pastor

Rev. Bobby Harding

Associate Pastor for 
Family Ministries

Rev. Joyce Merritt

Parish Associate

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