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They are beginning the phase of independence. Whether your child is at half-day or all-day kindergarten or is home schooled, they are going to be spending some amount of time away from you for the first time. This can be both scary and exciting for parents. But rest assured — your child is ready for this change. Here are some of the developmental changes they are experiencing right now.

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Kindergarten Development
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  1st graders are entering the “big kid” stage. The level of responsibility demanded between kindergarten and 1st grade is drastically different. These kids are riding buses, doing homework, carrying notes to and from home, etc. This is the year to help them understand what responsibility is and empower them to become a big kid by telling them all the ways they’re responsible.

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1st Grade Development
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  Most kids are reading this year, so what better time to engage them in reading God’s love story! Reading opens up so many conversations and life experiences, and we want to help parents point children to the best book ever written and equip them in teaching their child HOW to read the Bible.

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2nd Grade Development
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  In talking with parents of 3rd graders, the constant theme of conversations was “life is just too busy right now. 3rd graders have begun to understand their talents and have jumped in full force to after school activities. Juggling school, ballet, soccer, piano, homework, chores, friends, church and family time is hard! This is the year to help children discover how to find rhythm in life and responsibilities.

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3rd Grade Development
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  Children in 4th grade are beginning to develop significant friendships. For the first time they may be telling their friends something they’re not telling their parents. How do we help parents navigate the process of coaching our children to choose the right friends, how do we make sure our child is being a good friend. This ROPE is designed to help parents have intentional conversations that will lead their child to be a good friend.

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4th Grade Development
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As parents face that their child is getting ready to leave elementary school, fear can creep in. It’s clear that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear, so how do we help parents embark on this new phase with boldness? The 5th grade ROPE will guide parents to help their child see WHO they are by inviting import- ant people in the child’s life to write a letter telling him/her WHO he/she is. Parents will take this a step farther by looking at the letters to discover an identity symbol that can be presented from the content. This RIte Of Passage Experience helps kids boldly carry on in life beginning to realize the INDIVIDUAL God has created him/her to be.

Parent Guide
5th Grade Development
Identity Resource Guide
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"I am Me" Printout
"My Future" Printout

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